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Drains Inc is a very thorough and professional service. Peace of mind is important when handling sewer needs and peace of mind is exactly what we got when Drains Inc serviced our main sewer line!

Diane Kelly Avatar Diane Kelly
February 18, 2024

My house has a retention area with a drain to help move the water. The drain was clogged and I called Tim out. He unclogged it and put a camera in to see what was going on and he found the drainage pipe had collapsed and needed to be cut out and replaced. The quote was very reasonable and he came out and fixed it. No problems since! Great service! Great company!

John Peich Avatar John Peich
June 3, 2022

There were 131 5-star reviews before me, and I'm happy to be the 132nd. Tim at Drains Inc is absolutely incredible to work with. He responded to a clogged drain situation that I was having and couldn't fix myself. He came to my house at the exact time he said he would and was remarkably friendly and easy to talk to. He went straight to work and identified why I had been having problems quickly (I have an old house and I have a drum trap instead of a p-trap). When he identified that, he was a little concerned that the solution might not be as easy as initially thought. However, he kept at it, and really seemed invested in making sure that I could fix the issue in a cost-effective manner. When he was able to access the blockage using traditional methods, I think he was as stoked as I was! We chatted a bit while he put his tools away and he gave me an idea of what to expect moving forward with my drain. His mantra is "maintenance, maintenance, maintenance" and I appreciated him telling me that. Overall, my experience with Tim and Drains Incorporated couldn't possibly have gone any better. Thank you so much!

Brian Wischnia Avatar Brian Wischnia
May 24, 2023

Tim was wonderful, we are seniors on fixed incomes. Tim saved the day, he not only fixed our faucet,he answered a lot of questions we had. Also fixed a leaky pipe outside. All for a very reasonable price. Nice to know there are still people not out to take advantage of seniors. Will recommend Drains Inc. to everyone.

Irene Glass Avatar Irene Glass
October 21, 2022

Sump/ejector pumps

Sump and ejector pump services

One of the biggest problems that manufacturers of sump pumps have is their misuse. Regular sump pumps are designed to handle liquids and some solid particles. Some people buy a sump pump and try to use it as a sewage ejector pump. Usually, the largest object that make it through a sump pump impeller is 1/2 inch in diameter. Sewage ejector pumps can handle up to a 1.5 inch or larger.

Ensuring your pumps work how they should

When relying on your sump pump to keep your basement dry, we recommend cleaning the pit every year. If your pump discharges water from a washing machine the lint from your clothes can clog the filter on a pump. The pump will fail to operate when you need it the most! We can install a screen to keep larger pieces from interfering with the sump pump. They rarely fail to operate during dry weather. Drains Inc can clean the pits for you, and when we install new pumps we also clean the pits. Drains Inc has the best pump for your needs! Call us at (847)485-0031 for your FREE estimate and more information about our pump selections and services.