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Our water heater went out on a Monday. I called Tim and he was able to come over and evaluate our needs. By Tuesday afternoon, I had a new water heater installed. His prices were reasonable, service was excellent and I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a plumber.

TC L Avatar TC L
January 26, 2022

There were 131 5-star reviews before me, and I'm happy to be the 132nd. Tim at Drains Inc is absolutely incredible to work with. He responded to a clogged drain situation that I was having and couldn't fix myself. He came to my house at the exact time he said he would and was remarkably friendly and easy to talk to. He went straight to work and identified why I had been having problems quickly (I have an old house and I have a drum trap instead of a p-trap). When he identified that, he was a little concerned that the solution might not be as easy as initially thought. However, he kept at it, and really seemed invested in making sure that I could fix the issue in a cost-effective manner. When he was able to access the blockage using traditional methods, I think he was as stoked as I was! We chatted a bit while he put his tools away and he gave me an idea of what to expect moving forward with my drain. His mantra is "maintenance, maintenance, maintenance" and I appreciated him telling me that. Overall, my experience with Tim and Drains Incorporated couldn't possibly have gone any better. Thank you so much!

Brian Wischnia Avatar Brian Wischnia
May 24, 2023

If I could give Tim and Pedro more than 5 stars I would. I had been working with American Vintage on a sewer issue that backed up into my garage and drive way. I have been doing business with for a long time so I had faith in them. We had been working on the issue for 2 weeks trying to fix the problem. Over that period of time they rodded 2x and water jetted 1x and camera scoped each time. They could not get the sewer to flow. I also had been working with the City of Evanston to ensure the main line was ok, which it was . The last camera scope they took on Thur was the same, they could not see anything because there was too much water and they could not tell what the blockage was. They said they had to executive because they believed the lateral was partially detached from the City main line. This was on last Thurs and I was waiting for a quote to dig up everything to repair the damage. I spoke with The City of Evanston to get their input and they stated from there last video inspection of the main system back in 2020 they saw sand and a very large blockage but they could not tell which customer lateral that was. I proceed to contact other companies to obtain a quote and I ran into Drains, Inc. Tim listened to my story and asked a lot of questions to make sure he understood what was done or not done. We decided on him coming out to rod, jet and scope the sewer line. If he could not do it then he would give me a quote to dig up the system. Needless to say they did it! It took a while with using the rodder only with different head sized and digging in and pulling out many times. They found a massive root ball at the end and they discovered another clean out that was put in at some point in time not by me. We had water following. The basin drop 2' with a big gush. I have never been so happy to see sewer move along. Tim is great. He knows what he is doing. He is fair and his pricing is in line with the industry. If you are in doubt do not be. He has so many good reviews because he is that good. Thank you Tim and Pedro you guys rock.

tanya hamerler Avatar tanya hamerler
February 4, 2024

Highly recommend! Tim is very knowledgeable and quick to fix your problems.

Sonia Rivera Avatar Sonia Rivera
December 16, 2021

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